HELP Resurrection Project

HELP Resurrection Project

Every year during the Easter season, we raise money for a specific Resurrection Project. Supporting the Resurrection Project is a powerful way for our community to embody the spirit of the resurrection that announces Christ’s victory over the forces of our world that would demean, deny, or denigrate human life.


For the last three years, our Resurrection Projects have supported our sisters and brothers in Haiti through our partnership with the Haitian Timoun Foundation.

2015 – We raised $13,500 to support women in the Chemen Lavi Miyo program

2016 – We raised $34,980 by sponsoring 97 children in Haiti

2017 – We raised $18,062 for a student in the Haitian Education & Leadership Program (HELP)

This year, our Resurrection Project is seeking to support two group causes:

  • Raise an additional $9,000 for a full third-year of support for a student enrolled in HELP. The HELP program awards full tuition scholarships to the brightest students in Haiti who otherwise would not be able to afford college, so that those students can be educated and stay and work in Haiti to contribute the country’s future growth. –     STATUS: COMPLETE!
  • After the first $9,000 is raised, every additional dollar will go towards supporting the annual Summer Camp in Jacmel, Haiti that serves over 250 children. Prince of Peace is proud to be sending a group of young adults this July to serve for the 4th consecutive year at the summer camp. Our hope is to be able to raise an additional $5,000 worth of support for the Jacmel Summer Camp.  – YOUR HELP NEEDED! 

Check out the display in the Gathering Space where some of the statistics and facts about education in Haiti come to life.


Gifts of any amount are appreciated.  All funds collected will go towards this scholarship and to summer camp.

Donations Options:  Donate online (under the category of “Resurrection”). To give by check, make checks payable to Prince of Peace with “Resurrection HELP” in the memo line or pick up an envelope in the Gathering Space and place your gift in the offering.

Through supporting this ministry, we are helping live into HTF’s mission: to foster hope and sustainability with dignity.


Haitian Education & Leadership Program (HELP) – History

HELP began with one student, Isemonde Joseph, in 1997.

Isemonde’s former teacher, Conor Bohan, encouraged her to pursue her dream of studying medicine and paid for her first year’s tuition and books. This relationship between one student and one teacher has grown to a community of more than one hundred scholars and dedicated staff. Over ninety-five percent of HELP graduates are currently employed or pursuing graduate studies and 84% of HELP graduates remain in and work in Haiti.

Click here to learn more about HELP in Haiti.

74% DONATED OF $14000

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