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The Reformation is coming! The Reformation is coming! Cue galloping hoofbeats…. no, wait, that was The British are coming!

Cue instead, Lutheran musicians all over America beginning to gather and re-form or form anew their musical ensembles for the coming season in church. We are among that number.

This coming weekend and the following at POP, we’ll be inviting all who are interested to sign up for one of our musical ensembles. I think they’re setting up for action even as I write this. Let’s take a look-see in some of the rooms….

What’s that I hear over there? The sound of hoot owls and ghosts? Oh, that’s just our CHERUB MUSIC group vocalizing to discover their singing voices. Those 3 year olds through 1st graders are just starting out on their lifelong connection to God through music in the church.

Pattity pat…clap clap…..snap snap…stomp! No worries – those rhythmic patterns are probably just JOYFUL NOISE in rehearsal. Those 2nd-6th graders sure know how to have a good musical time with movement and instruments while still learning to sing for worship and special events!

“A mighty fortress is our God….” Ah, the sounds of a good old German four-part chorale! Or a modern arrangement in 5/4 meter. Or something ethereal and poetic. ADULT CHOIR, for high school age and up (in our case, mostly up), can deliver all this and more.


Can you hear that wonderful men’s barbershop sound? That’s the hallmark of the ARTISANS, who sing regularly at the Artis Senior Living Home in Mason, and at POP, too.

Ring! Pluck! Mallet! Martellato! LV! Echo! Brush Damp! Ring Touch! Shake! Swing! Thumb Damp! Vibrato! Whoa… so much resonance! It must be our four ringing groups combining on a piece with lots of different techniques. There’s something for all levels here: CHIMES OF FAITH for 4th-6th graders, TEENTINNABULATION for 7th-12th graders, BELLS OF GRACE for beginning-intermediate adult ringers, and BELLS OF PEACE for advanced ringers. With 5 octaves each of chimes and handbells available, plus a variety of additional percussion, these ensembles can make a very joyful noise to the Lord indeed!

The only group I don’t hear right now is the WEEKEND WORSHIP MUSICIANS, who are resting until they come together on Saturday for rehearsal. Can’t blame them for that – these cantors and instrumentalists faithfully enhance our worship service after service, week after week.

I think it was Martin Luther himself who declared the noble art of music (after the word of God) to be “…the greatest treasure in the world.” We at POP are certainly lucky to have so much of that treasure in our congregation. But it doesn’t happen without YOU – so stop on by the Atrium after any worship service August 19-20 and August 26-27 and check it all out.

As for that Reformation? It really is coming! We’ll be commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation on Sunday, October 29 with a big congregational Hymnfest at 4:00 pm. Hope to see you then!


Robin Stevenson
Children’s Choir Director



Sep 22 / Prince of Peace Lutheran Church


101 S. Lebanon Road

Sep 23 / Prince of Peace Lutheran Church


101 S. Lebanon Road


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